Winter Snow Storms in Epping NH Call for Pike's Plowing Services

Feb. 13, 2017 by Robert Pike:

Back to back winter snow storms in the Epping NH area force Pike's Plowing to work overtime in order to clear all of their client's driveways and parking lots. Each of the two storms required double service, once after about 6-7 inches and again once the storm was over. The high snow banks need special attention as they start to creep into the driving areas, so they are pushed back farther than normal. Typically, snowbanks start to melt down over a week or two, but back to back storms create higher banks and less space to work with.

More often than not, snow plowing companies don't charge extra to push back snow banks, but they usually charge to remove the snow in dump trucks. You may have seen snow banks pile up in shopping plazas because there isn't a good enough spot to push all of it into the woods, nor is it easy for pickup trucks to push the snow 25 feet off of the pavement to get it into the woods. However, most companies have cleaver ways to minimize tall banks or push them back.

Sanding and salting come quickly behind snow removal services in order to keep the cleared area safe for walking and driving. It may seem like it's just a sprinkle of sand/salt mixture over your driveway, but there's are thousands of pounds of dirt and salt used within a couple of hours, and dump trucks that hold about a ton at a time. Safety is a main concern of truck drivers so you'll see Sanders with multiple blinking lights and loud beeping noises when being used.

Please call Pike's Plowing Snow Removal Services if you need your driveway or commercial lot cleared on a regular basis. They service the surrounding towns of Raymond NH such as Epping, Fremont, Candia and Kingston.

Here are some pictures of our cleared commercial parking lot in early February, 2017:

Commercial Plowing Epping NH Commercial Snow Plowing Epping NH Snow Plowing Epping NH Epping NH Snow Plowing
Snow Plowing Raymond NH Epping NH Driveway Snow Removal Epping NH Parking Lot Cleared

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