Tips for Snow Plowing Drivers in Raymond NH

Sept. 14, 2020 by Robert Pike:

If you live in New Hampshire you’re going to want to see this Ford truck plowing snow with ease. This post will give you some tips about snow plowing if you’re new to driving with a plow. It will discuss getting the plow hooked up, being careful of icy snowbanks and other tips from Pikes Plowing.

  1. Hooking up Plow: Drive you truck up close to the plow, pull the pins out on both sides and drive the truck right into it. Once you drive in, push the pins back in on both sides, make sure they’re secure and remove the jack from underneath. The last steps are to plug in the power, stow the jack safely while you plow and test all of the controls before starting your route.

  2. Snowbank Safety: Be sure to creep up slowly to snowbanks to test how icy they are before plowing into them with your truck. If the ice has hardened over a few days it could be as hard as concrete. Snow plowing is hard on equipment because it’s heavy, it’s working for long periods of time and it’s pushing heavy snow and debris. It puts a lot of wear and tear on your plow and the rest of the vehicle.

  3. Windshield Wipers: Cleaning off your windshield wipers is a necessary evil that you have to keep up with all night. Water from the snow will freeze and stick to the wiper blades forcing you to clean them or you’ll be looking through a dirty windshield all night.

  4. Equipment: Driving slow, shifting gears, moving the plow up and down, and slamming into snow banks can put damaging miles on expensive equipment which creates a second reason for plowing a driveway slowly, safely and efficiently rather than quickly.

Call Rob Instead: If you’re not interested in plowing yourself you can always call Pikes Plowing in Raymond NH for a quote. He’ll quote the price to clear your driveway every storm and give you an idea of how long it takes each time. Shoveling around the garage, the stairs and other areas are extra and should be discussed separately.

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