Snow Plowing Safety and Techniques

Dec. 29, 2016 by Robert Pike:

It's important to Robert and his crew at Pike's Plowing to think of safety, quality and efficiency before he concerns himself and his crew with getting the job done quickly. Plowing snow is dangerous due to low visibility, heavy machinery, slippery roads and driveways, unknown curbs and debris, and of course, children playing outside. Over the years Robert has developed some checks and balances that help him get the job done in a safe way every time.

  1. Assessment: Assessing the property without snow on the ground helps Pike's Plowing see boundaries, large bumps, pot holes and ledges that need to be avoided or carefully addressed.

  2. Call Ahead: Pike's Plowing can call or text home owners and store owners 10-15 minutes before he arrives, upon request, in order for the property owners to remove debris, bring children inside and move cars to make the job easier.

  3. Low Speeds: Doing the job quickly doesn't always equate to more money because quick and poor service can cause clients to stop calling and cause damage to areas around the pavement. Pike's Plowing's crew always drives slowly and carefully in order to be safe and respectful to owner's property.

  4. Equipment: Driving slow, shifting gears, moving the plow up and down, and slamming into snow banks can put damaging miles on expensive equipment which creates a second reason for plowing a driveway slowly, safely and efficiently rather than quickly.

  5. Liability: Driving any vehicle on someone else's property puts the driver in a situation where they are liable for creating an accident. There are many possibilities to come in contact with mail boxes, homes, garages, sheds, fences, lawn decorations and people. Pulling in and out of a driveway forces the truck driver to continuously back out into the road in order to make another pass at the driveway. Being aware and alert of these possible situations helps keep things safe and organized.

Assessing the driveway ahead of time, calling the owners before arrival, low speeds, protecting equipment and remembering that you're liable for damages to your property and theirs will help keep you and the owner's safe during the snow removal process.

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