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Contact me with questions or comments that you have about my plowing services or vehicles for sale.

My Facebook profile has reviews and pictures. You can contact me through Facebook as well.

Robert Pike
(603) 489-8422

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Snow Plowing Services Raymond NH

The most common six towns I offer my snow plowing services are Raymond, Candia, Auburn, Chester, Fremont and Epping, however if you're located within 5-10 minutes of those towns I will still consider working with you. Since I'm committed to servicing my customers quickly it can be difficult to travel out of my way for one customer in Manchester, so please call to discuss the opportunity.

Also, if you're friendly with your neighbors and want to receive better pricing, I offer group discounts because it takes me less time to complete. Speak with them before you call me and I'll come out for an estimate! In fact, I may randomly call you to tell you that your price has lowered because I got a new client in your neighborhood.

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